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Benefits of Ashitaba

Many people are amazed about the health benefits of ashitaba plant. Many has touted this plant to be a miracle plant. This is an ancient but emerging plant has shown a lot of promise in helping people with health challenges. Naturally growing plant in Japan, ashitaba, it has been a staple of the Japanese diet and has been a mainstay of Japanese medicine cabinets for generations. While most of the world has no idea about ashitaba, the Japanese has been able to use and gain benefit about the plant for their health. Natural food stores all over the world has been realizing the benefits of this ashitaba.

The Japanese have been using ashitaba for generations and probably one of the old people in Japan has been able to use the plant. It is only recently the world has been able to realize the health benefits of ashitaba. It is no longer a stuff of folklore and legends. We have seen and realized the huge health benefits of ashitaba for a wide range of afflictions and health challenges. Modern researchers want to find out whether the claims of benefits to the health really match up with the science of today.

Scientists from a leading Japanese university had tested ashitaba in early 1990s. They went out of their way to find out what is magical and legendary about the plant to the health. They have found out about the plant having naturally occurring substances called "chalcones". These chalcones are anti-oxidants that occur in the nature and may be able to help people to get well with various afflictions.

Two specific chalcones have been identified to help people get well. These chalcones are xanthoangelol and 4-hydroxyderricin). These two were isolated by Japanese researchers, and have shown excellent anti-bacterial properties. The scientists compared the chemicals to the anti-biotic known as streptomycin. It was shown that ashitaba was better than streptomycin. Even if streptomycin was more powerful, ashitaba was discovered to be better and more effective in killing staph and strep infections.

Scientists have concluded the ashitaba may be a good anti-biotic, among other ashitaba health benefits, and there is no need to get a doctor's prescription.

Armed with the right kind of knowledge, ashitaba can be a good way to help people with struggles in infection or to use it in conjunction with another anti-biotics in the market. Using natural plants can be a good side arm in the battle against infections in the body.

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